Sew-cation Day 2 . . . Moon Santas, Instagram and More

MOON SANTA ORNAMENTS SEWING KIT - prototyping & perfecting

Much to the delight of her many friends, I posted a photo of my daughter on my personal Facebook timeline last week. She was sitting at my kitchen table testing the first sewing kit I plan to release during this sew-cation. Just when I think it's ready, Laura has a suggestion or two - good ones! Thought I'd share a sneak peek of what's to come. And here's the photo of Laura:


Recently encouraged by my son to do so, I began this sew-cation day 2 determined to set up Oliver Rabbit's Instagram account. "Three quick steps is all it takes," Google said. This directive is accurate only if you're on top of your social media tech game, which I am not, entirely. I wear all of the hats here at the Oliver Rabbit studio and slowly but surely, I get it. (If you happen to be the one follower I have on Twitter, you know, and now everyone knows, that I have yet to tweet anything.)

To appreciate this Instagram accomplishment, you must understand that I have never used iTunes or downloaded an APP to my cellphone before. NEVER. I still print out MapQuest directions when driving somewhere new. And a "hashtag." What was that? How do I add them? Is there a space between the words? Punctuation?

But I did it, without a phone call to Montana, and shared my first Instagram photo before lunch. Even "pushed" it to Oliver Rabbit's Facebook page! (And would you believe I have followers and likes already?) What fun!

This was a milestone for me. So please join the fun and follow us on Instagram. I promise to share photos often.


My little zipper pouches are finished and look great; photo shoot tomorrow and I'll share. The mess is bigger but organized. A pile of clean dishes now sit drying where the dirty ones once were and my feet are back up at the end of another great day.