Sew-cation Day 1

It's been a very productive sew-cation day here in my studio. I really should tidy up the mess I've made but I'm on the couch and my feet are up and somehow I think I'm just going to fall asleep right here after I share this post. 

I've spent the last several months working with wool felt, hand-sewing most of what I made. Today I decided to dust off my sewing machine, dig out my quilting cottons and make something new. In anticipation of my sew-cation, I purchased some zippers in a variety of colors and sizes with the idea I'd make some little pouches. 

Before the fabric fun started, I made some labels to go inside each little bag. With Photoshop help from Montana, my new printer and June Tailor's Inkjet Fabric Sheets, they were finished in no time. 

The real joy today was playing with color - coordinating lining fabrics and accent zippers; deciding which zipper pull was the best finishing touch. A whole pile of little pouches are ready to sew up in the morningI For now, I'm happy with the prototype in bubble-gum pink with candy-stripe lining.