Montana's Magic Rabbit

Magic Rabbit In Hat

Every now and then I talk about the "magic of making something" and the joy it brings. This especially holds true when creating a spontaneous gift and this project was no exception. Well, actually, it totally was. Exceptional, that is.

My son, Montana, is an amateur magician, among other things. He asked if I would make him a tiny magic hat from my new felt stash and a silk scarf (from the old stash) to go with it.

So, I made the little hat and scarf and . . .


A little white rabbit appeared! (Not bad for an amateur.)

Standing Magic Rabbits

Montana's magic rabbit is made of 100% pure wool felt, features simple hand embroidery and is entirely hand sewn by me. I created the pattern using inspiration from my new felt stash, the Montanimals makeover (in progress) and a very tiny checkered bear I used to make as The Stitchin' Witch back in the 80s. This little rabbit stands approximately four inches tall and sits up about three. 


The hat is also made of 100% pure wool felt using an original pattern I designed and stitched with hand embroidery. Pure silk was used for the scarf, a simple square stitched by hand. Magic Rabbit is the perfect size for Montana's magic hat. He must have known.    :)

Joyous sewing to you.