NEW PATTERNS - A Pair of Peeps and More Forest Friends!

Classic baby chick cuteness. 

So. I went to the grocery store last week to grab a few things. Among the items on my list was a packet of classic yellow marshmallow Peeps - the kind of Peeps that I put in my children's Easter baskets every year. Little baby chicks - bright yellow, standing upright next to each other in their cardboard and cellophane package. There were four in a pack and they were made of sticky sugar-coated marshmallow. You remember. If you took them out of the packet, all the grass stuck to them. My kids actually never liked Peeps but it just wasn't Easter unless they were there.

Much to my dismay and disappointment, there weren't any; I wanted them in my photograph. Where did the classic Peeps go? Did I miss something along the way as my children grew older and the Easter Bunny stopped coming? I mean, there were Peeps on the shelves. But they were sitting in their cubbied cellophane packaging, not standing next to each other. And they were pink or blue, not yellow. Who wants a pink baby chick?

Alas. I'll just have to launch this Peeps Pattern Duo without them. Available now in my SHOP as a stuffie/ornament combo. What fun!

My newest collection of woodland ornament patterns has also arrived!

A wise little owl.

Shy and swift, a white-tailed deer.

And the simply adorable, cute-as-a-button hedgehog.

These new forest friends join forces with the mighty Maine moose to complete a four-pack pattern bundle. Each pattern is also available individually.

Woodland whimsy or Peeps delight - visit my SHOP to spring into stitching!