Creative Inspiration and A Little Gang of Monsters

One day last month, while organizing my sewing studio, I contemplated my stash. (Translation:  I needed a fabric fix.) Deciding I could live without food for three weeks, I treated myself, instead, to a lavish, colorful supply of pure wool felt and embroidery floss! This is supposed to help me manage my sewing projects and streamline them into something small and "doable." Are you laughing yet? Do you have any idea how many new projects are in the works?!?!

I'm now reconnecting with the art of embroidery and wool. Our Montanimals, my original collectible plush, are getting a makeover. They are smaller, entirely hand sewn and include some new animals from the forrest and the farm. More on these later this week. Oh, and a truly magical custom project is finished and will post tomorrow. 

In the meantime, I stitched up a little gang of monsters just for fun. Designed by me, they are hand sewn using 100% pure wool felt and cotton embroidery floss. They measure approximately three inches tall and will be available in the SHOP soon. 

Little Monster Gang