Carver, A Blue Woolie Whale

Hi. It's Laura. I'm excited to be here for the first time!

Growing up, sculpting in clay was always of interest to me, definitely my favorite time in art class. I am intrigued by imperfect adorability, asymmetric cuteness and, in particular, animal expressions, both real and handmade.  

My dog, Casey. Grade 4

My dog, Casey. Grade 4

Walking dog with tongue out. Grade 4

Walking dog with tongue out. Grade 4

Sculpting with clay is far too messy for my NYC studio, so when my mom, Annette, invited me to collaborate on some creative work for Oliver Rabbit, I considered needle felting - a combination of sculpting and weaving natural wool fibers with a barbed needle, a little foam matt and roving wool.  Felting allows me the freedom to create caricatures with unique faces, features and personalities. I also love wool. My first pieces, a panda bear and a wolf, were given as gifts. Next I made a little blue whale!

From the time I was old enough to imagine it, and even now, my stuffed animals come alive to visit, perform and party while I sleep. Little wool friends recently joined my circus of much-loved bears, horses and elephants. A poet at heart, I have written many lines about this nocturnal event. Allow me to introduce . . .


Carver spends his sunny days
dreaming between gentle waves,
Slumbering in a salty sea
breaching and diving gracefully.

Moon and star upon his tail
brighten as sun falls low and pale,
"Wake up wake up!” he begs the bears
and starts the circus with horses and hares!

Carver's Blue Whale Tail
Carver the Blue Woolie Whale

Carver is made of 100 percent Corriedale wool from the Netherlands and swims about 4 1/2 inches long.  Thanks for reading :)  More woolies in the making. . .