Felt, Sequins and a Flying Bunny

During the 2013 holiday season I traveled to Maine to visit family on three different occasions. This is significant because I live in New York and the drive to Maine is not a short one! Worth every stretch of highway and ensuing fatigue, each trip served up a different kind of fun. 

The weekend before Thanksgiving I needed a "snow fix" and wanted to take photos of a Christmas wallhanging my mother and I made together when I was a child. The holidays were fast approaching and I was determined to post some meaningful memories. (Needless to say, none of the planned posts went up; I was too busy getting back and forth.)

Here is my mom (just weeks before her 90th birthday!) and our Santa Claus card holder.  It hangs in the entry every year, boasting fond memories of communal creativity.

momie with cmas card holder copy.jpg

Now about that flying bunny . . .