Sewing on Sunday

Today is Sunday. And on Sunday I sew; that's my rule. I don't live by many so this one I really try and stick to. Therefore, I did sew today. More importantly though, my momentous weekend began Friday night while celebrating my 60th birthday! Then, yesterday, I finally gave my blog a name. (I won't tell you how long this took.) A new year, a new decade and a wonderful new adventure - Oliver Rabbit. 

Back to the sewing. Pictured below, our decorator pockets (available for purchase in our SHOP) are a great project for limited time - can't seem to find enough these days while building my blog. I can play with fabric and color, use a variety of designs and sewing techniques . . . and actually finish them!  

Here's today's harvest: 

Deco Pockets - fall pumpkin and apple
Deco pockets - Halloween cat and jack-o-lantern