Sew - Shoot - Shop (photoshop, that is)

I spent the last week merging these activities so I could begin my tutorial series in November. The sewing part, and knowing what I want to show you, is easy for me. Presenting it on my blog is somewhat of a challenge. I have a general understanding of photography and some basic equipment. I also have a very intimidating trial edition of Adobe Creative Suite on my computer.

A bit overwhelmed by the variety of settings on my camera, not to mention the tools in Photoshop, I invited my friend, Darina, over last weekend. She is a professional photographer and was happy to help me understand how to shoot my work. Together we assessed the lighting in my sewing studio, my equipment and what I wanted to take photos of. We crafted a home-made light box out of cardboard and tracing paper and talked about camera settings. We put together studio lights and I learned about white balance. We shot inside and outside, testing f stops and mm, warm light and blue light, JPEG and raw. Noise. Sweet spots. . . I took notes. 

Since then I've referred to my notes many times and taken hundreds of photos; it's so easy to get carried away with digital. And, I've spent endless hours teaching myself how to edit them in Photoshop; seriously, it took three different online tutorials to learn how to add an arrow!

I'm getting there, though. Special thanks to Darina for guiding me. Here's a sneak preview of tutorial shots to come. The arrows are really fun :) 

Sew/Shoot/Shop - 1
Sew/Shoot/Shop - 2